Rampur Vegetable Price Today

Vegetable Rates in Rampur Today –

The complete list of all vegetable prices is available on our website. Our website provides daily updates on vegetable prices regularly. The current rate of vegetables in Rampur and nearby markets is updated here.

We can find healthy vegetables only from the local vegetable market. Because after harvesting they are taken directly from farmland to the local vegetable market. Local vendors from the nearby neighborhood directly come for selling their product, which is cheap, organic and very fresh.

Rampur Vegetables Rate Today

Variety Weight Rate
Onion Small (pyaaj chhota) 1 Kg 40.00
Onion Big (bada pyaaj) 1 Kg 18.00
turnip (shalajam) 1 Kg 25.00
Beetroot (chukandar) 1 Kg 40.00
Bitter Gourd (karela) 1 Kg 50.00
Bottle Gourd (laukee) 1 Kg 20.00
Bangalore Tomato (baingalor tamaatar) 1 Kg 7.00
Ladies Finger (bhindee) 1 Kg 40.00
Mint (pudeena) 1 Bunch 15.00
Beans (phaliyaan) 1 Kg 30.00
Brinjal (baingan) 1 Kg 30.00
Broad Beans (vyaapak sem) 1 Kg 30.00
Cabbage (patta gobhee) 1 Kg 25.00
Cauliflower (phoolagobhee) 1 Piece 30.00
Chayote (chaayot) 1 Kg 35.00
Colocasia (aalukee) 1 Kg 20.00
Coriander Leaves (dhaniye ke patte) 1 Bunch 10.00
Cucumber (kheera) 1 Kg 30.00
Capsicum (shimala mirch) 1 Kg 60.00
Carrot (gaajar) 1 Kg 40.00
Drumstick (dhol ka chhadee) 1 Kg 50.00
Ginger (adarak) 1 Kg 20.00
Plantain Stem (plaantain stem) 1 Piece 10.00
Potato (aloo) 1 Kg 20.00
Pumpkin (kaddoo) 1 Kg 20.00
Green Chili (haree mirch) 1 Kg 40.00
Green Plantain (hara paudha) 1 Piece 10.00
Plantain Flower (kela phool) 1 Kg 20.00
Radish (moolee) 1 Kg 30.00
Tapioca (taipioka) 1 Kg 30.00
Tomato (tamaatar) 1 Kg 6
Yam (rataaloo) 1 Kg 50.00
Ridge Gourd (toree) 1 Kg 20.00
Scarlet Gourd (skaaralet laukee) 1 Kg 25.00
Snake Gourd (chichinda) 1 Kg 40.00
Sweet Potato (shakarakand) 1 Kg 25.00

Importance of Vegetable

Vegetables are important sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, dietary minerals and fiber, Carbohydrates and folic acid. Eating vegetables lower the risk of coronary heart disease and it helps to maintain healthy blood pressure, which can ensure overall good health. Almost huge percentage of the world’s production of vegetables occurs in Asia,that too mostly in India and China, which produces over half of its vegetables.

Benefits of Vegetable Market

  • Farm Fresh Vegetables
  • Organic Vegetables
  • Seasonal and Ripe
  • Nutritious and Taste Good
  • Affordable

Disclaimer: liveratetoday.com provides Vegetable Rates as per the best resource available in respective city market

Vegetable Price in Other Cities/Districts:


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